Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket can easily become more than an embarrassment or a nuisance. Repeat traffic offenses or traffic violations related to alcohol charges can result in serious consequences …

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Criminal Defense

Criminal law (or penal law) is the body of rules with the potential for severe impositions as punishment for failure to comply. A criminal punishment, depending on the office …

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Criminal Expungement

The law has recently changed, allowing for a single criminal expungement after only five years have passed from the date of the conviction, or the discharge of probation or the …

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Civil Law/Litigation

Civil law, as opposed to criminal law, is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and/or organizations, in which compensation may be awarded to a party …

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Personal Injury

Personal injury is within the realm of Civil Law/Litigation and deals with a variety of injuries, including car accidents or someone’s negligence that can affect the rest …

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Civil Rights

Civil and political rights are a class of rights and freedoms that protect individuals from unwarranted action by government and private organization and individuals acting …

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Divorce/Family Law

Deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including: marriage and divorce; issues arising during the marriage, including spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption …

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Landlord/Tenant Law

Deals with rental property regarding, non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, or breach of the lease agreement by either the landlord or the tenant. Knowing your rights …

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Other Services

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