Those who are facing any criminal charges, minor or major, may benefit from taking a qualified criminal defense attorney. Attorneys like Issa G. Haddad can help you understand the legal process, the defenses available, help you through the legal proceedings and can turn the verdict in your favor. At the law firm of Attorney Issa G. Haddad, we represent our clients at both federal and state courts. With years of practice in and around Royal Oak, Michigan, we fight to protect our clients in ways that other attorneys may not.

Why Issa G. Haddad?

Issa G. Haddad is a well known attorney based in Royal Oak, Michigan. Our law firm is equipped with necessary experience and expertise to handle many complex federal felonies including murder. Besides representation in federal court, we also provide legal defense from minor traffic offenses to larger civil disputes. Clients seeking legal assistance for issues like criminal defense, landlord tenant disputes and family law can also contact Attorney Issa G. Haddad and his firm.

With experienced criminal defense attorneys like Issa G. Haddad, you can better understand the legal process, the pre-bargains available and can opt for better defense and favorable decisions.

If you reside in or around Royal Oak, Michigan, you can contact our law firm at our toll free phone number or email us. You can also fax us your case details. We serve clients in Royal Oak, Michigan, but we also provide our services to clients in neighboring cities like Southfield and West Bloomfield.

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