“DO I EVEN NEED AN ATTORNEY?”Anytime you are being sued civilly, charged with a criminal offense, or  investigated by the police or any other governmental agency, it is wise to hire an attorney to help guide you, answer your questions, and ultimately defend you and your rights.  It is a good idea to at least have an initial consultation to see if you really need an attorney.

“HOW MUCH IS AN INITIAL CONSULTATION?” NOTHING. An initial consultation with Issa G. Haddad at his office is always FREE. At this consultation, you will get an overview of what you are facing and what steps would be needed in order to properly present a defense. Getting an initial consultation is the first step in taking charge of your case.

“HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO REPRESENT ME?” Any time you retain Issa G. Haddad to represent you, it will be reasonable for the representation. Naturally, the more serious the case, the more expensive it will be. Whatever the situation, you will get your money’s worth, and you will see that the rates are fair. Attorneys can take a flat fee for the whole case or an hourly fee as you go. Depending on your case, you will have a options. Generally, we take cases on an hourly fee, that way you know what how much time we will be investing in your case, and we are able to direct our focus on your case.

“AREN’T ALL ATTORNEYS THE SAME?” All attorneys graduate from law school, and all have passed the bar exam. However, that is where the similarities end. Lawyers all take very different paths after law school, specializing in all different areas of law. You don’t want an attorney who mainly does bankruptcies to defend you in a criminal case any more than you would want a foot doctor performing open-heart surgery. For a criminal case, it is best to have retained an attorney who eats, sleeps, and breathes criminal law, not an attorney who handles slip and fall cases.

“HOW SOON SHOULD I GET AN ATTORNEY?” The second you realize you need an attorney, whether you’re being sued civilly or charged criminally, you need to retain one to represent you immediately. The earlier your attorney can get a jump on your case, the better. It helps with initial intake, investigations, talking to witnesses.  The longer you wait, the more evidence may be lost or forgotten. We would not want you to lose any important documents because you waited until the last minute. Besides, a good investigation can lead to a stronger case, a dismissal of charges, a not guilty verdict, or can even keep you from being charged at all!

“WHAT KIND OF GUARANTEES DO I GET?” No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case; it is not only a gamble, but it is also unethical. What we can guarantee you is that Attorney Issa G. Haddad will professionally represent your best interests from start to finish. We will look into all possible claims and defenses, make sure that any and all research is done, and be as prepared as possible. We can guarantee that the price you pay will be reasonable, and that you will be informed about all developments in your case as soon as they occur.


  • Gather documentation of all your evidence, including good character (reference letters, employment history, community service, etc.)
  • Exercise your right to remain silent in a criminal case
  • Retain qualified counsel as soon as possible![/learn_more]


  • Early preparation, including legal research and identification of a a claim or defense.
  • Interview police to minimize or eliminate the case
  • Interview the prosecutor to minimize or eliminate the case
  • Interview all witnesses
  • Reduce or eliminate bond requirements
  • Obtain a substance abuse assessment from a court approved agency to demonstrate that treatment is a better alternative than jail
  • In appropriate cases, negotiate jail alternatives
  • Develop appropriate motions to dismiss the case
  • Develop appropriate motions to suppress evidence
  • Provide emotional support to loved ones and ensure that they are updated as to the status of your case

Drug charges can seem minor at first, but can become huge legal problems. This is especially true when drugs charges are mixed with guns and violence. You need an experienced and intelligent criminal defense attorney to fight the gun and drug charges for you.

Michigan’s broad and liberal statute regarding domestic assault results in many accusations against people who never anticipated the need for a criminal defense attorney. Ordinary people often become involved in emotional relationships that lead them to act in otherwise uncharacteristic ways. Families frequently find themselves in a crisis on weekends or at night, when criminal defense attorneys may be out of their offices. Actions and events occurring in the first 24 hours after a call to the police are often critical to the final outcome of a case.

A variety of offenses, including assault, battery, and false imprisonment may fall under the general headings of domestic violence or domestic abuse. Domestic violence can be an allegation of physical violence causing injuries, or just the possibility of injury. Over the past few years, law enforcement has developed new policies, the court system has implemented changes, and prosecuting attorneys have taken an active role in zealously enforcing both new and existing laws. These crimes are aggressively prosecuted, and even if the victim tells the court and prosecutor he/she does not wish to press charges, the case will not be dismissed due to the nature of the charges and emotional aspect of the relationship. Jail time is routinely sought – even on first offenses.