June 24, 2015

By: Issa G. Haddad

Today the Haddad Law Firm represented a woman who was charged with Felony-Unarmed Robbery and Felony Larceny charges. The preliminary exam prosecutor added the Unarmed Robbery charge if I held the exam. I held the exam. The preliminary exam judge shut down my arguments and bound the matter over for trial. At trial the prosecution failed to establish a critical element of the Unarmed Robbery charge and the Judge granted my motion for a directed verdict. The only charge the jury had to deliberate on was the Felony Larceny charge. They came back to the courtroom and found my client NOT GUILTY.

The members of the jury told me after the trial that the complaining witness was a liar and they did not believe anything he testified to.

Summary of facts:

Complaining witness and the Defendant had been out a few times, Complainant said they were just friends, denied ever kissing the Defendant, but he admitted he asked my client to go to the hotel with him. She denied the offer. Then I asked the complainant: “Were you married when you met her? Yes, Were you married on March 28/29 when this incident happened? Yes”. The jury told me that my clients jaw dropped when he answered Yes.

The complainant called the police because the Defendant somehow had left her purse, phone, and house keys at the complainant’s cousin’s home across town. She grabbed the complainant’s phone and keys, and said “I will give you your stuff back when you bring me my stuff back.” The complainant said she grabbed his phone, keys, and GUCCI prescription glasses. My client admitted taking the phone and the keys, but never the glasses and denied that she took the glasses.
When it was all said and done, justice prevailed and my client was able to go home with a NOT GUILTY.

November 18, 2014

By: Issa G. Haddad

Client charged with “Unarmed Robbery” and “Domestic Violence” a 15 year felony and a 93 day misdemeanor.

True facts of the case: Mom took her daughters phone away from her.

Prosecutions facts at trial: mother beat her daughter putting her into a hospital, the Prosecution showed pictures taken at the hospital of the daughter with bruises all over her body, face, and legs. Daughter goes to police station a week later to make the report.

The facts the prosecution left out: two officers arrived on the scene when the daughter called 911, diffused the situation, mom did not want to bring charges on the daughter and the cops left. No one was arrested or charged. These two officers whom were subpoenaed did not show for trial (one was hunting, the other could not get a babysitter.) But I called the OIC to the stand, and had him admit that he knew of the other reports, and that no body was arrested. The OIC even testified that he could not find the report because it listed the Defendant as the victim.

The prosecution rested after one witness, and the Judge Granted my motion for a directed verdict with regards to the 15 year felony.

I then called four witnesses for the defense including the OIC and another officer who took a statement from the daughter.

Jury deliberated for less then 15 minutes, and I got my favorite two word verdict on the Domestic Violence charge.

Case Closed.

May 30, 2014

By: Issa G. Haddad

Another day, another case with a Motion to file, and Haddad Law Firm is on a roll, Today in the Third Circuit Court for the County of Wayne, We have successfully had another felony charge dismissed. Client was charged with Felonious Assault, and two misdemeanors. The prosecution was admit about fighting my motion. Judge said: “normally I do not disagree with the lower courts rulings but in this matter he had clearly abused his discretion,” So now we have left two misdemeanors to go to trial on June 24, 2014.

May 29, 2014

By: Issa G. Haddad

Today, Justice was served and the Constitutional protections were in effect. A client had two cases going at the same time Saginaw County. In April 2013, he was stopped for questioning for a complaint from an ex at 5am, the cop smelled a “Strong Odor” coming from his breath and client was charged with a 2nd DUI, a one year misdemeanor, Driving While License Suspended, a 93 day misdemeanor, and MDOP less than $1000.00, We filed a motion to suppress the stop. On May 28, 2014 the hearing was set and the Prosecution could not meet their burden. The Judge dismissed the matter in its entirety. Same client was charged with discharging a firearm in an occupied building and was charged with a Four year Felony, the offer was not accepted and the matter proceeded to Preliminary Exam on May 20, 2014, at the conclusion of the exam, the Judge gave the Prosecution and Defense an opportunity to brief the issues regarding the entry into the home without a search warrant and without consent, as well as if Miranda warnings were needed. The Judge ruled this afternoon after he had dismissed the DUI charge, stating that the prosecution cited the proper law and standard but officers entry into the home was improper and suppressed anything evidence obtained after the entry was made, basically everything was dismissed.

Today was a great day for our client, he was able to leave the courthouse with a smile and his life back in control. (and his bond was also returned)