The technical name for a traffic ticket is a civil infraction.  A civil infraction is a non-criminal violation of a law prosecuted by the State or a local government unit. A person cannot be sent to jail for a civil infraction. The most common examples are traffic citations, like speeding, running a red light, disobeying a traffic control device, not stopping for a school bus, prohibited turns, careless driving, no proof of insurance, no proof of registration, and many more. The penalty for a civil infraction is payment of fines, costs, and fees. For a traffic civil infraction, points may be added to your driving record.

The points are what kill drivers.  The points will stay on your record with the Secretary of State for two years.  The Secretary of State might charge you with State Responsibility Fees for each point.  Your insurance rates will skyrocket for at least three years.  And the next time you get pulled over, the police officer may use your bad record against you!

A person can be found responsible for a civil infraction in one of four ways:

  1. by failing to respond to the citation on time, a default judgment will be entered, and in most cases, the person’s driver’s license will be suspended until the fines and costs are paid in addition to a surcharges are paid
  2. by admitting responsibility for the violation and paying the amount indicated on the ticket
  3. after an informal hearing, the court may make a determination
  4. after a formal hearing, the court may make a determination


We save can you time.  Generally, our clients do not have to appear in court, only the attorney.

Traffic Infractions

A traffic ticket can easily become more than an embarrassment or a nuisance. Repeat traffic offenses or traffic violations related to OWI charges or motor vehicle accidents that cause injury to others can result in serious consequences. The best time and the best way to prevent further trouble after a traffic violation citation is to contact an experienced traffic defense attorney as soon as possible.

Familiarity with prosecutors and courts, prompt response to clients, knowledge of how to apply up-to-date legal research to a particular case, a willingness to go to court as needed, an ability to listen to clients facing traffic charges, and an understanding of the need to hold costs down are all reasons that Detroit Metro citizens turn to Issa G. Haddad for smart defense of traffic violation charges.

There is no shortage of ways to have your driver’s license suspended in Michigan. Driving is freedom, and losing your license can have a devastating effect on your life. Issa G. Haddad takes pride in his ability to help preserve the client’s ability to drive – especially when they have a family to support and need to get to work.
Contact Michigan speeding ticket attorney Issa G. Haddad today for a free initial consultation, and an experienced, effective defense against any of the following charges and more:

  • Speeding ticket
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Reckless driving
  • Leaving the scene of a property accident

In the state of Michigan, traffic laws can be excessively harsh, and it’s easy to lose your license. However, there are a lot of methods available for getting it back. Michigan speeding ticket attorney Issa G. Haddad has relationships with criminal defense officials and organizations that will help you get your license back.